We decided to bring our three-year old daughter for chiropractic care to see if it would help her chronic ear infections before we opted for ear tube surgery. After 6 adjustments with Dr. Dan, our pediatrician told us our daughter's ears were clear and free of fluid - - the best he had seen her ears in 2+ years! Not only did she not have the ear surgery, she also has not been on the large quantity of antibiotics she used to be taking. We also have gotten her digestive tract back to normal because she is no longer taking all the antibiotics. She is so healthy now. Now my husband and I also get regular chiropractic care as a whole family. My husband is in the car a lot and chiropractic care helps his back, shoulders, and hips. My left knee and right hip had hurt since giving birth to our daughter. I would take anti-inflammatories and put heat and ice on them regularly. Now you would never know I ever had a sore knee or hip!!!

The Pipkin Family

It all started when I attended a workshop that Dr. Dan did. He said that he did not believe in medicine as much as we use it. It was with that comment I turned him off. Well I won a free set of x-rays, evaluation, and first meeting with him. I decided why not

I went in and had the x-rays, got my first adjustment, and left. About a week later my Mom and I came and met with Dr. Dan to go over my x-rays and see what he had to say. I still very much doubted all of this. I knew he would say everything was off and he did. Insurance would pay for a while of me going so I decided to go ahead and see what happens.

I went three times a week, did the adjustments and traction. I also did the three workshops and the exercises. I slowly started feeling better and slowly started noticing things were getting better.

I must give you a tiny bit of background. I am a young female and I have multiple severe health problems. I have Churg-Strauss syndrome, it is an auto-immune disorder. I also have asthma and multiple bone problems. With the latter I was really worried with getting adjusted. Dr. Dan kept all of this in mind when working with me and he did great.

It came time for my x-rays and I had them. Once again my mom and I met with Dr. Dan to go over and compare the x-rays. What a difference and what a big help. I was feeling better and had dropped some on medicines. People had mentioned they noticed I was standing straighter. It was decided to go to two times a week for a while for seeing Dr. Dan.

That is when I got very frustrated with Market Street traffic and I decided to stop coming. Well to put it mildly my health went drastically downhill. I thought about it for a while and finally decided to start coming back. Even with the first visit I noticed that night I was able to settle down quicker and easier.

I will not stop getting adjusted or doing traction ever again.

Much appreciated Dr. Dan and staff you all are great.

Margaret R.

On February 14, 2006 I came to the practice and I was very ill, in constant pain, and taking 12 medications.

My journey to improved health has been slow and steady. Dr. Dan has helped my body heal itself. Through education, specific exercises and treatment God has healed my body and spirit.

I am down to two meds and I continue to heal. Dr. Dan is able to change "bad" alignments as God heals our bodies.

Dr. Dan and his staff are amazing and my life has been blessed everyday. This treatment has changed my life.

Claudia M.

Ten years ago, I was diagnosed with lupus. Pain, swelling, and the resulting sleeplessness became a vicious cycle. After seeing Dr. Dan for four months, my pain has eased and I am sleeping much better. I don't feel nearly as tired all the time.

Probably, the most annoying symptom was terrible hot flashes and night sweats. I would have to change clothes 2 to 3 times a day and the same at night because of the "sweats". After about 2 months with Dr. Dan, I realized I had not had a flash or a night sweat in about a month. I mentioned this to him and he confirmed that this was probably due to the extensive work he had been doing on my neck.

Pretty cool, huh?!!! I can't wait to see what he's gonna do next!!

Devery C.

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