Meet the Doctors

  • Dr.
    Dan Maggio
    Dr. Maggio is a North Carolina licensed chiropractor serving the Ogden and Wilmington area. He graduated in 1996 from New York Chiropractic College. He utilizes Gonstead and biophysics adjustments by hand only to correct misaligned vertebrae and extremities. Dr. Maggio has a large family based practice, adjusting children as young as 2 days old to seniors in their 90's.

    Because of his years of knowledge and experience, Dr. Maggio has been invited to speak at numerous natural health seminars in order to educate others. He is continually educating and teaching his patients about the power of the human body and its innate ability to heal from the inside-out. His ultimate goal is to teach as many people as possible about the incredible self-healing power they possess, so they can live happier, healthier, drug-free lives. Constantly striving to give his patients the most up-to-date care possible, Dr. Maggio attends many post graduate seminars.

    Member of NC Chiropractic Assocaition

  • Megan Chicoine

    Dr. Megan Chicoine was born and raised in Surry, New Hampshire. She attended Mount Aloysius College in Cresson, Pennsylvania, and earned a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Pre-Chiropractic. She continued to play Division III women’s tennis throughout her undergraduate, and was involved in many leadership opportunities, such as the Mercy Presidential Scholars. She continued to pursue her passion for helping others through two service trips, one to Camden, New Jersey, and one to Guyana, South America.

    Dr. Megan attended New York Chiropractic College and earned her chiropractic degree in 2017. She was a member of the Phi Chi Omega Honor Society, pregnancy and pediatric club, motion palpation club, and received her certificate in Advanced Whole Food Nutrition. Her services include Diversified adjusting, ConnecTx therapy, Activator, Nutrition Counseling, and pediatric and prenatal care. She uses a hands-on approach to restore movement to restricted or immobile joints in order to help the body and nervous system function better overall. As a chiropractor, Dr. Megan focuses on improving the health, well-being, and quality of life of patients and their families.

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